Brain’s quote

What did you learn yesterday?  I learned that Kathleen Sebelius is essentially out of her league.  You would think that she would know this plan up and back, forwards and backwards, inside and out.  She didn’t… continues to go down.  It went down during her testimony!   Brian goes onto play “a question that works” from Chairman Mike Rogers.  Here is Brian’s reaction…Listen, you talk about getting to the roots of a family, a business person, or anybody, has anybody known somebody who has gotten their identity hacked, taken?  Your whole life is screwed!



Hour 1

STEVE DOOCY “waltzed” into the studio and blamed the elevators for his tardiness.  To his surprise Brian also admitted he had some elevator issues this morning which prompted Steve to ask if he walked or scaled the building to get to the studio.  From there the conversation evolved to Adam West’s tight Batman costume and Steve pointing out Brian always talks about guy’s tight outfits!

Hour 2

Fox News Sunday’s CHRIS WALLACE gave Brian some grief over his “cheap shot” at President Obama for playing golf, explaining that you can run the country and play golf.  Chris then surmised the reason President Obama tends to not know about certain situations is either because his staff doesn’t tell him bad news in order to protect him or, more likely, they do tell him and then lie about it.


Simon Singh, author of The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets, joined Brian in studio and explained why there are so many math references contained within The Simpsons and broke down some examples contained in the episodes.


Hour 3

Howie Carr, host of The Howie Carr Show, called into Kilmeade and Friends and talked about President Obama’s speech yesterday in Massachusetts comparing Obamacare to Masscare.  Howie found yesterday ironic because a year ago, as the campaign was winding down, the press was vilifying Mitt Romney and yesterday they were praising him as Mr. Bipartisanship.


The Amateur’s ED KLEIN sat down with Brian and said President Obama is in his own bubble.  A bubble of hubris.  Obama thinks he is smarter than everybody else (he is encouraged in that view by Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama) and that he knows best.  Klein said Obama doesn’t know best because he doesn’t have wise people around him who are experienced to help him make these decisions!