Vipp’s World of Nonsense: He’s cheating…it’s in his voice.

It seems scientists today have run out of research ideas because researchers at McMaster University in Canada have come up with a profound revelation that men with deep tones are better at attracting women than those with higher pitched voices.

They go on to say that men with deeper voices are more likely to cheat. But now the scientists are puzzled why women would choose men with deep voices if they knew that this was a sign of them cheating.

Well for a start, women didn't know about this until these scientists pointed it out. Secondly, does that mean that women are now going to ask every man out there for a sound bite in addition to their photograph, salary, height, and other vital statistics?

And while we are on this topic, I am not sure many women will want to date someone sounding like Kermit the Frog just in the same way that most men would not date someone sounding like Miss Piggy.

I just don't get why these scientists even bother spending time, intellect and resources on topics like these because they only end up in Vipp's world of Nonsense.

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