So here we are. The innocent victims of a government shutdown. I can't believe that the people we elect are cunning enough to negotiate a vote from us but are not smart enough to negotiate among themselves. Who pays the price for this nonsense? We, the people!

Folks, I don't care about who blames who in Congress but the fact of the matter is we did not elect these fools to cause a shutdown of the system.

Here are some strange findings on the shutdown:

The IRS will continue to collect taxes but if you are due for a refund, that will be delayed.

Some federal employees will not be paid during the shutdown but guess what - the President gets paid and so do Congress! No wonder these guys don't need to negotiate - they get paid either way!

We need the federal employees more than we need these fools because our national parks are closed, our museums are closed, our presidential libraries are closed, our passport processing offices are closed and so on.

When I was a kid and my parents argued - my mother didn't stop cooking and my father didn't stop working.

I wish these guys would do the same. We didn't give them our vote so that they could sit and sulk. What a disgrace to democracy!

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