After his little dust up with Sen. McCain earlier in the month, Brian asked SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM about yelling "Allahu Akbar" and Sen. Graham admitted that he associates it with a "war chant" and said, "When somebody yells Allahu Akbar in the Mid-East I duck!"

Then, Senator Graham weighed in on the ongoing budget battle and Obamacare.  "There's a storm building for Obamacare to be changed in a bipartisan fashion," he exclaimed. "The one thing we can do in my view is change the topic from the flaws of Obamacare to us as a party.

Later, Graham weighed in on Syria, and said that Assad is stronger now that he has crossed the red line. "When he crossed the red line, not only did he not pay in any appreciable way, he comes out of this thing stronger," Graham stated.

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