So now we have another nudity scandal that plagues our society.

Here's the story: a family with 2 kids aged 2 and 4 were spending a day at the beach in Spring Lake, New Jersey.

They had a great day, and when the day ended, the mother took the bathing suits off the toddlers and started giving them a rinse before putting them in the car for the ride home.

A very normal and common practice observed by most young families who spend a day at the beach.

Suddenly the beach supervisor approached the family and called the Police.

And guess what? The police officer gave them a verbal warning citing that it is illegal for people to disrobe in public in Spring Lake.

I bet this wouldn't have happened in Saudi Arabia!

I can't believe this actually occurred...but it did. It makes you wonder what is happening to the sanity of our society.

At what point do we stop with common sense and start with nonsense?

I am grateful to the beach supervisor and the Spring Lake Police because it is exactly situations like this that keep Vipp's World of Nonsense alive and well!

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