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Brian on President Obama's speech last night: "What was the purpose of the speech? After watching all 16 minutes, I still have that question! Why did the president give a speech? To rally support, which is not there? Eight out of ten Americans don't want it. To rally support in the Senate and Congress? The Senate doesn't want it."


COL. ALLEN WEST talked to Brian about President Obama's press conference yesterday.  West said that if he were advising the President, he would have told Obama to not go on TV last night. Col West also said that Putin "out-maneuvered" President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry.  "Chances are that those stock piles are being loaded up and moved out of Syria, and probably under the safekeeping of Hezbollah."


FOX News Senior Correspondent ERIC SHAWN talked to Brian live from the WTC Memorial Site.  Eric reflected on where he was during the terror attacks 12 years ago and explained that he thought his mind was playing tricks on him when he looked up and saw the low-flying aircraft.  He also said that it never entered his mind that the two buildings could fall until it started to happen.


FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent, MIKE EMANUEL, talked Brian about the vote for military action in Syria.  Emanuel said he has talked to several people about the vote, and if it were today, it would get "crushed" in the House.  "I may not even get 100 votes in the House because many Republicans don't want to go along with this President.  They think it doesn't make sense. And many Liberals are uncomfortable with it and they're worried that the left is going to go crazy if they authorize another war in the Middle East," Emanuel explained.

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REP. BUCK MCKEON (R-CA), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, talked to Brian about the latest coming out of Washington and how the administration is handling Syria. "It seems to me like Putin just put a hook and a line in the water and the President grabbed it, swallowed it and now Putin is just going to sit there, play with him and jerk that around.  All that is happening on the world stage and we are just looking weaker and weaker," McKeon exclaimed.



SENATOR EVAN BAYH, former Democratic Senator from Indiana and FOX News Contributor, gave his take on Syria.  Bayh said that we must find a way to handle this situation in a way that projects strength.  He went on to say that the Russians do not have our best interests at heart. "The one thing that they want is to protect their power and their authority through that region and diminish ours," Bayh explained.

America's Newsroom co-hosts BILL HEMMER AND MARTHA MACCALLUM stopped by and weighed in on Syria and President Obama's speech last night.  Hemmer said he is confident that there will be no vote in Congress and no military strike.  "This thing is going to fester, it's going to go on for months, the Russians are going to get involved, they're going to bring the UN inspectors... This is going to go on and on," Hemmer said.