Vipp’s World of Nonsense: Should Men become Extinct?

Hereís another ground-breaking piece of news (and I use the term loosely) that will shake the very foundations of your upbringing.

According to a survey of 1000 adults, women think that men aren’t very good at most things — what a surprise!

That’s good news because I actually expected women to think that men aren’t good at anything!

Apparently, men are useless in buying fashionable clothes, useless in ironing, useless at domestic chores and the list goes on!

First of all, who does these surveys and what do they achieve?

In fact if we turned the tables around lets see how it sounds, here we go:

According to men, women are useful for buying fashionable clothes, useful for ironing, useful for domestic chores and the list goes on.

Now Iím going to be accused of being a chauvinist but there is no such terminology when men are the target.

However, I still think men are better cooks…look at Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald. They are so much better than Wendy’s!

I have to run now…the Women’s Liberation Movement and my wife have just arrived! Help!

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