The US Naval Academy has been accused of discrimination and being unconstitutional because a recent atheist graduate was denied the request of holding his atheist wedding at the academy's chapel.

The academy has responded saying that the chapel is only to be used for Christian ceremonies.

The American Humanist association has asked that the decision be reversed.

Hmm...let's look at this a little more carefully, shall we?

1- A chapel is a religious place of worship and 2- A Humanist is not a believer in God. So it begs the obvious question...why would someone who doesn't necessarily believe in God want to marry in the House of God? Doesn't that go against the very philosophy of an atheist's belief?

Don't situations like this make you wonder what the real motives are in these publicity stunts?

Its like accusing a steakhouse of discrimination because they don't serve enough varieties of tofu.

Or saying men not being allowed to use women's public restrooms and vice versa is unconstitutional...or dare I say...even nonsense!

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