[AUDIO] Gen. Michael Hayden on #NSA

(File Photo)

Former NSA and CIA Director GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN cleared the air about the NSA seemingly going off-track and becoming increasingly more powerful with the personal information they can collect.  Here's what the General had to say:

"The people that want to do us harm - terrorists or proliferators or drug traffickers - they're just using the same phones and e-mail systems that you and I are using.  So what's happened is the targets you want NSA to cover, their communications are out there co-existing with your e-mails and my phone calls.  And the agency's trying to figure out a way, it's asking the American people to give it a little running room, to be able to go out and sort out the bad-guy calms from the protected - constitutionally protected - calms."


Audio clip: