A leaked report from the Pakistan government suggests that "incompetence and negligence" allowed Osama Bin Laden to live in Pakistan for almost a decade. Well, that's obvious.

The report also called the Navy Seal raid "an American act of war".

I'm not sure it was an American act of war because the Pakistanis always made us believe that they were on our side in the war against terror.

While Pakistani intelligence claimed to be ignorant about Osama's whereabouts, the 336-page report actually documented the daily life of Osama from 2001.

So what does the American government do? Well, brace yourself. President Obama is proposing to give over one billion dollars of American aid from taxpayers money for 2014.

Maybe it's a case of keeping your friends close but your haters closer. Or, maybe I'm too stupid to understand why we would do this.

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