I was stupid enough to think it was only the government who was watching us. Well, thanks to Baskin-Robbins for coming out with a study that identifies what your favorite flavor of ice cream says about you.

If you like Rocky Road, you're a great listener. If you like chocolate, you are lively. Vanilla means you are impulsive, and the list goes on.

I wonder how these studies are conducted? Is there a scientist that stands behind the counter and takes notes as you purchase your ice cream?

I'm not sure if the results of the study are life-changing, but the government might find this information useful in addition to our phone calls and licence plate tracking.

So if you ever go on a blind date, take your partner for ice cream and their choice of flavor will help you figure out their personality. Just remember, if they choose mint chocolate chip that means they are stingy, so you might be expected to pay the bill.

Me, personally- I like all 31 flavors so I guess that makes me...indecisive.

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