Singer-songwriter MATT SHAFER, commonly known as UNCLE KRACKER, stopped by the studio, and talked to Brian about his new album and how the music industry has changed with digital mp3 downloads. "It's tough," Shafer exclaimed, "I remember being on tour and Carson Daly was sitting in the back. He had one of those new mp3 players... I remember sittingBrian Kilmeade Uncle Kracker there thinking 'that's stupid. That's dumb,' because it wasn't tangible." He went on to say that it is funny to see now how the industry progressed since he first started.

Later, Shafer gave Brian a look into what Uncle Kracker might do in the future.  He said that country music is his "comfortable spot," and that he enjoys singing good, traditional songs.  "A good, traditional song is where I'm at. I'd call myself a songwriter before I'd call myself a musician... That's what I love."


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