Emmy and Peabody award-winning comedian PAUL MECURIO talked to Brian about the hot-mess NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. "I don't want a man to be the face of New York who gets upstaged by what's a foot and a half below his face," Mecurio said.  He went on to say that WeiBrian Kilmeade Andy Levy Paul Mecurioner is not to be trusted, and that he will do the same thing to NYC that he does with his women: "If he becomes mayor, he's going to do the same thing with New York; he's going to flirt with us, talk about politics, and then leave us for a hotter, younger city. This guy is not to be trusted."

Later, Mecurio made a connection between Weiner and MLB players A-Rod and Ryan Braun, explaining that all three are sociopaths who do something wrong, get caught, deny it, apologize and then do it again. "Lab rats are smarter than these guys," he exclaimed, "Especially A-Rod. He's got the same amount of chemicals in him as a lab rat right now!"


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