Some time ago I had mentioned that the disgraced Anthony Weiner, who had resigned from Congress, had now decided to join the race for Mayor of New York City.

Now he's been caught for doing the very same thing that led him to resign from Congress in the first place: having a "sexting" affair with another woman.

Despite the scandal, he remains relatively nonchalant about being exposed and wants to continue running for mayor.

Obviously, he has a personal problem because he hasn't learned anything from his previous mistake. But the bigger problem actually lies with us, because we have the power to decide who we choose to represent us in office. And it is we who decide how important a role character plays in the leaders of our society.

Our vote allows others to have power, and we shouldn't only question the morals and ethics of our candidates but also the importance of morals and ethics of our own judgment, especially when it comes to the vote. Vote with your head and conscience, not with your (bleeped).

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