So what happens when you mix a Weiner with an Ex-Governor and an Ex-Madam? You get a race for political office!

Recently disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner declared he is running for Mayor of New York City. Not to be outdone, Former Governor Eliot Spitzer announced he is running for the position of New York City Comptroller. And to top it all of, the ex-madam, known as Kristin Davis who claims she supplied Spitzer with the hookers, will also be running against him.

The voters obviously have a tough choice. Who should they choose, the ex-madam or her favorite client? The job of the Office Of Comptroller is to be the chief fiscal officer and chief auditing officer of the city. A position that I assume requires integrity, trust and high moral standing.

What surprises me is that is there no one out there with such qualities who is willing to do such a job?

No wonder we don't watch TV anymore...real life is so much more interesting!

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