Vipp’s World of Nonsense: Ernie, Bert and DOMA

The New Yorker magazine marks the Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act with a cover photo of two Sesame Street characters, Ernie and Bert getting rather affectionate on a couch.

What I donít really understand here is why do we have to associate children’s characters with sexuality, regardless of the orientation. It is just quite simply tasteless and in my humble opinion, very wrong. It is one thing to fight for equal rights but it becomes totally another issue when you mix it with something else.

By bringing childrenís characters into the equation, are we being forced into becoming more sympathetic towards the issue? The world of sexuality should be confined to the world of adults and be addressed in an adult like manner. We should be preserving the domain of our children’s world in a sacred way and keeping any form of sexuality out of it.

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