Vipp’s World of Nonsense: Are We Being Too Mean to Paula Deen?

Paula Deen recently admitted to using the ‘n-word’, and as we have all seen in the media, she has been removed from her show and many of her corporate sponsors have pulled away from having any association with her.

She did wrong, but I have to wonder if as a society, are we really being fair to her?

We live in a culture that preaches equality, so why do we only pick on some who do wrong and let others get away with it? The hip hop music industry uses racial slurs all the time and we don’t make an issue out of it. In fact, we support it by buying the music that contain these racial slurs. Why is that OK? Just because they can? Is that equal? Is it right?

A racial slur, a word of profanity, or an expression of cultural insensitivity is wrong regardless of who says it.

There is a deeper issue here that should question the values of our society more than just Paula Deen’s admission.

America: we need to think about this a little bit more.

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