FREDRIK-STANTON-KILMEADEFREDRIK STANTON, Director and Producer of the award-winning documentary Uprising, talked to Brian about the Egyptian revolution.  Stanton said that the way to win this situation is to help Egypt see its way through to a proper, full, liberal democracy.  "The good news is, that's what a great deal of Egyptians themselves want; it's what the military is willing to support, and it's what the country seems to be groping towards," Stanton explained.

He also weighed in on Senator John McCain's comments from yesterday, calling the situation in Egypt a "military coup," which others including Brit Hume have agreed with.  "I think the word coup is associated with baggage that I'm not sure applies here.  In your traditional coup, military ceases power against the will of the people and retains it for itself.  What we've seen happen here is something different," Stanton said.


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