Game of Thrones

How can you best watch HBO's "Game of Thrones" in style... throw a party and have a feast!

FOX News Radio's Lilian Woo explains how:

To set the tone for your "Game of Thrones" feast, start with the invitations.

Instead of Facebook, think feathers... Black ones for that freshly dropped off by a raven look, scattered around paper invites rolled up like scrolls and sealed with wax.

Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, co-author of the Official Game of Thrones Cookbook has turned out dishes with, well, limited appeal.

(Cassel) "Jellied eels, a whole pig's head, we did a suckling pig for a premiere party, jellied calf's brains, honey-spiced locusts."

There, she subbed in freeze-dried crickets for lack of locust purveyors.

Game of Thrones

If that's not your thing try the popular honeyed chicken handpie. The filling: Shredded chicken meat, butter, salt, apple cider vinegar, honey, dried currants or chopped golden raisins, chicken broth, pepper and roux. Bake, using muffin tins and discs of dough.

Game of Thrones3

Wash it down with some mulled wine .

(Cassel) "Sort of like a hot sangria."

Warm red wine, add citrus, orange juice, honey and spices to taste.

And now you are ready to party like a Lannister.

Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio.

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