Vipp’s World of Nonsense: Freedom “Of” or Freedom “From”

The State of Texas can finally say “Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah” during the December holidays. Congratulations to Governor Rick Perry who plans to sign the bill into law.

What really is nonsense in all of this is that it had to come to this. We live in a multi-cultural society. Our constitution emphasizes freedom of speech and freedom of religion yet we as a nation seem to be evolving backwards in our mindset.

Instead of “Freedom of religion” we seem to have been moving towards “Freedom from religion.” In fact, past generations have been more open about celebrating these holidays than we do presently.

And to top it all we seem to be wasting our politician’s time, effort and resources in fighting for something that really should not be a fight.

Now all that’s needed is someone to pass a law making it legal to say “Happy Easter” instead of “Happy Spring Egg Hunt” day.

The problem with being a privileged society is that we make problems out of nothing just to keep us occupied.

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