THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!  Fox's Jennifer Griffin SOUNDED OFF on the fact several Fox reporters and producers have been investigated by the Justice Department.  Here is just a sampling of what she said to Brian during her weekly segment on Kilmeade and Friends:

  • Why suddenly are they leaking more of these national security type cases?  To have...a chilling effects on the's forcing all of to have to get lawyers and consulting as to how to do our business, which is to cross check facts and to talk to people and see what is going on...and we are busy now having to lawyer up, having to talk to people and making our sources more and more nervous to talk to us.  That is not right.  That is intimidation. 
  • If anything, THEY JUST MADE JAMES ROSEN A ROCK STAR.  He always wanted to be a Beatle, and now he is a rock star! 
  • They want us to ask tough questions...everybody wants to be mad at the press that they didn't ask enough questions going into the Iraq war about WMDs we were suppose to just accept intelligence at that time that was handed out by the government.  So you talk to sources and you are supposed to cross check things and suddenly you are breaking the law.  That doesn't cut it in terms of protecting the press in this country.  It reminds me of when I lived in Moscow and the Kremlin was trying to control what we were doing!
  • Now to be coming after the press as co-conspirators, that is an overstep like we have never seen in this country! 
  • The journalists who become spokesmen are the worst.  They don't remember their roots, they don't remember their ethics what the press is supposed to do and suddenly they are the biggest benders of truth!