In a no-holds-barred interview with Brian Kilmeade on his radio show, Kilmeade and Friends, Sen. Joe  Manchin (D-WV) almost lost it over the claim by the IRS that two rogue agents were to blame for targeting Tea Party-themed groups.  Manchin's initial reaction was the following, "That's BULLSHHHH...bull crap, sorry!"

Manchin then compared the current IRS scandal to his interactions with the EPA.  Manchin said that he knows the EPA's agenda and it's not at all in energy policy for this country.

When talking about Attorney General Eric Holder recusing himself from the Associated Press investigation, Manchin empathized with the media's concerns over the First Amendment because he is facing the same issues trying to defend the Second Amendment.  Manchin said, "When the chief law enforcement officer won't defend the 1st, 2nd or any other Amendment, then something is wrong...this is not stopping, this is not going to stop."