Vipp’s World of Nonsense: You Weigh, You Pay!

Pay as much as you weigh and all passengers are not created equal. Thatís right folks!

If you are going to travel on Samoan Airlines you will be charged by the amount you weigh – and they think its fair to do so.

They say airlines run on weight and not seats. Hmm, so if thatís the case, then do bigger people get bigger seats as well?

If you are pregnant, then are you really paying for two people? And if you are then should you not get 2 seats by the same logic?

Is this fair or is it discrimination?

The only best defense Samoan Airlines can come up with is their tag line which is that “you are the master of your airfare”. Actually it should be “you are the victim of your waist line”. The real pinheads here are their accountants who cannot come up with a fair and equitable way of charging for a simple ticket.

Whatís next, I wonder? If you want to buy a sandwich on the plane then do you pay extra if you are hungrier than the guy next to you?

If you are bald do you pay less for an air ticket because your head is more aerodynamic? I mean, come on!

It’s amazing what nonsense is out there in the world these days.

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