My goodness. Lauren Sivan is back in town and they talked about so much that we have to just bullet point this list.

  • Lauren is in NYC. Welcome back Lauren!
  • Host/Historian/Reenactor Brian Kilmeade helps Lauren pay for a cab since she left her wallet behind. Don't ask.
  • Lauren fills in for Andy Levy as the Ombudswoman and learns that it requires great skill. Hats off to Andy.
  • Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are a officially thing. So says her facebook, and a photo shoot.
  • Cops want wireless carriers to save text messages for more than a few weeks. The gang starts to worry about their text and search history. DELETE! DELETE!
  • Letterman made Justin Bieber cry and Selena Gomez confirms that "that makes two of us." This leads into teen crushes. Lauren didn't really have one. Maybe Michael Jackson. Tom on the other hand... Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I hope he is kidding.