Recently, Mayor Bloomberg's attempt at banning the sale of large sugary drinks was invalidated by a New York Judge.

Here's my take on it - we are an educated country and laws like this actually violate our ability to think  freely.

We pride ourselves on being a free country but we are going to look a little stupid to the rest of the world if we can't make a personal choice of how much soda we can drink.

These types of laws scare me because if they get enforced it might set a standard of what can happen next, I mean, do we regulate the amount of alcohol one can consume on a given day or how far we can drive or maybe how many manicures one should legally be entitled to in a month.

I would rather Bloomberg focus on fixing the potholes on the streets, creating more jobs, decreasing the crime rate and making this one of the most desirable cities in the world to live in. Now that's a real job.

But what does he do - he wants to appeal the soda ban. Goodness Gracious me!

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