Mother Teresa was a famous catholic nun who helped the poor, the sick and the orphaned for over 45 years. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and an order of merit from both the UK and America. At the time of her death in 1997she had over 500 missions in 100 countries.

Well brace yourself because a new study by some Canadian academics claim that the public image of Mother Teresa was a product of hype and she kept the poor and sick in less than desirable conditions.

At first I thought this was a sick joke. It turns out that this is the sick reality we live in because none of this came up when she was alive. Maybe they were too cowardly to make such an accusation because it's so much easier........ to attack the dead.

She is also being criticized for the neglect and lack of expertise that was provided in her facility in India.. Ummm guys, she's running a shelter for the poor and homeless. She is not the operations manager of a Ritz - Carlton Luxury Hotel.

Why does this world seek out the worst when we should be cherishing those who have done their best for mankind ? Obviously these guys do not believe in the words .....'Rest in Peace'.


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