Dennis Rodman the ex-NBA star went on a so called basketball diplomacy tour to North Korea and came back saying that the leader, Kim Jong Un was an 'awesome' guy and that his father was a  'great leader'.

Dennis rodman  a retired basketball player, with more piercings than a teabag has holes... has returned home with a message for Obama and the message is that Obama should pick up the phone and call Kim.

North Korea has a history of human rights violations, they have recently conducted an unauthorised nuclear test, are threatening to end peace with South Korea and launch a pre=emptive nuclear strike against America.

Rodman's solution is to use the love of basketball between Obama and Kim to better relations. Now, Rodman says he's planning to go back to North Korea because he wants to find out more about 'what's really going on'.

In that case, we should send Rodman to Iran with a packet of cigarettes because then Ahmadinejad and Obama can both smoke the peace pipe and we will all live happily ever after.

I just can't make any sense of this -  but thanks Mr Rodman for making me laugh ...with your nonsense.


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