The sequester is on track to go into effect this Friday, but are the cuts really going to be as bad as President Obama and fellow Democrats are making them out to be? Brian doesn't think so!  Plus: Brian gives his take on last night's Academy Awards.

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Bret Baier, anchor of Special Report, talked to Brian about whether the looming sequester is a catastrophe or simply no big deal.  "It's the way in which the sequester is written up," Baier explained. "It's not just the number; it's not just the 85 billion dollars... it is the way in which it's deployed, which is kind of a machete. It's across the board in all of these different buckets of spending inside these agencies."

NY Post Columnist Michael Goodwin also weighed in on the upcoming sequester.  "Something's clearly wrong, but the President just keeps doing the same thing over and over," Goodwin said.  He explained that the President needs to start cutting the budget somewhere, but if there is a "squealing like stuck pigs" every time he tries to cut it, we are never going to get the spending under control.

FOX News' Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry gave Brian his predictions on what is going to happen by the end of the week. Henry said he thinks that the sequester is going to kick in, and that no deal is going to be made. "My sense is that neither side wants to give an inch," Henry stated.


PhelpsWorld-renowned Olympic Medalist swimmer Michael Phelps joined Brian today on Kilmeade & Friends!  Phelps explained to Brian how he got into swimming and what he is up to now that he is officially retired from the sport.  Phelps is currently working on his golf game and starring in the 5th season of The Haney Project, which premieres tonight at 9PM ET on the Golf Channel.



Host and Executive Producer of Hollyscoop, Diana Madison, gave Brian the post-Academy Awards run-down. Madison said that this year, the awards show was pretty predictable.  "The only one that people were kind of caught off guard with was the Best Director. A lot of people thought Steven Speilberg was going to win."  Madison also gave her take on why Kristen Stewart also seems out of it.

Listen to Diana Madison give the Academy Awards Run Down here!

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