8 DAYS LEFT AND COUNTING. Brian is still waiting to see what moves the President is going to take to avoid the looming sequester.  Plus: Brian is shocked that Oscar Pistorius has been granted bail after getting charged with premeditated murder!

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Jenna LeeAnchor of Happening Now Jenna Lee weighed in on Oscar Pistorius' hearing today, and said that the judge's decision to grant Pistorius bail shocked the world.  Lee also talked about her recent travels to Israel, and told Brian what the U.S. can learn from Israel when it comes to school security.  She said that to get into any school, there is a gate that is approximately 10-12 feet tall with an armed guard.

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FOX News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt weighed in on the upcoming sequester and what President Obama's motive could be behind it all.  "There are increasing reasons to believe that the next couple of quarters of the economy are going to be bad. And he would like to make sure that the Republicans get the blame for that," Stirewalt said.


Stephen Hayes, FOX News Contributor and Senior Writer for The Weekly Standard, weighed in on the looming sequester.  "When President Obama came to office in 2008 we saw pockets of instability.  I think we're now seeing regions of instability.  And the idea that things are going to get better with the United States taking a smaller role is... a very dangerous one," Stirewalt said.

FOX News Entertainment reporterAshley Dvorkin Ashley Dvorkin made her debut on Kilmeade and Friends today! Dvorkin gave Brian the 411 on the upcoming Academy Awards, and who is in it to win it.  She also gave her predictions for the Oscar winners, and talked to Brian about Alec Baldwin.

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