Kilmeade Kondensed 1/7/13





It is being reported that President Obama will announce Senator Hagel as his nominee to be the next Secretary of Defense.  Brian feels the tension and predicts there will be a fight over this nomination but wonders why  President Obama is having THIS fight



BRET BAIER, anchor of Special Report, joined Brian for his regular Monday morning hit and explained that Senator Hagel does not have a natural constituency to really benefit the president.  Bret and Brian discussed why President Obama decided on Hagel because it takes away the residual benefit of being being able to say, “I have a Republican in my Cabinet.”

Brian and Bret also discussed the Redskins loss and the decision to play RG3.  BRIAN PREDICTED that RG3 will be on the Special Report Panel one day and BRET QUICKLY ONE-UPPED that prediction by extending RG3 an open invitation to sit in the seat next to Charles Krauthammer anytime he wants! 

MICHAEL GOODWIN expanded on his column where he ripped “MR. CLEAN GREEN” (Al Gore) for being a giant hypocrite because he sold Current TV to an oil barren and wanted to finalize the deal before the end of the year to save in taxes!   Goodwin proclaimed that it is always the same, “Taxes for thee, but not for me!”


Brian sat down with Dr. Marc Katz, author of “Leaving without Losing: The War on Terror after Iraq and Afghanistan”, who explained that for most jihadists, it is not about the overall war on terror, but their own local conflict.  Dr. Katz believes that if we can just help them with conflict resolution then we would solve a big piece of the terror equation!  Watch a portion of Brian’s interview with Dr. Katz!


FOX’s James Rosen previewed the nomination of Sen. Chuck Hagel and some of the possible issues he will have to overcome in order to get confirmed, such as his reportedly insincere apology to Ambassador Hormel.  Rosen also gave Brian a bit of an Italian lesson by explaining the phrase SOTTO VOCHE! 



Phelim McAleer, director of the documentary ‘FrackNation’, sat down with Brian and discussed how fracking has evolved and how you can now frack a huge area with just one pipe.  Phelim went on to fact check MATT DAMON’s new movie, Promised Land, on fracking and revealed that a portion of the movie was funded by the United Arab Emirates!   Watch a portion of Brian’s interview with Phelim!

Stephen Moore gave Brian the inside scoop on his exclusive interview with Speaker BoehnerMoore said that everybody is so shocked that the President is so delusional because he doesn’t think we have a spending problem in Washington!   Moore also revealed that Democrats are freaking out over the upcoming spending sequester and might be willing to make some meaningful entitlement reforms in order to prevent the automatic cuts from kicking in! 

JOSE RODRIGUEZ, former CIA veteran and author of Hard Measures, made it clear that the torture portrayed in the bin Laden movie, ZERO, DARK, THIRTY, did not actually occur.  Rodriguez said he would recommend the movie but urged people to remember that it is a product of Hollywood and meant to be entertaining.  WHAT IS DEPICTED IS NOT WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!   Listen to Brian’s interview with Jose…