Will a deal happen? With so many mixed messages, Brian looks into whether there has been any movement that will turn into a deal with the fiscal cliff.


Special Report's Bret Baier weighed in on fiscal cliff negotiations, and said that while a partial deal is possible, "it is more likely that you get the big deal, or you go over the cliff."  Baier also said that it is possible that Obama wants to go over the cliff to hurt the Republican Party.

Olympic Gold-Medal Gymnast Gabby Douglas talked about her incredible journey leading to the Olympics and about her new book Grace, Gold and GloryWhen Douglas was born, she was homeless and suffering from a serious blood disease.  Today, Gabby is telling her story and spreading the message that you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it.

Watch the interview with Gabby Douglas here

NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin stopped by and talked to Brian about whether or not President Obama is looking for a trophy of tax rate increase or an answer to the country's problems. Goodwin said, "This is a classic example of how Barack Obama has corrupted the political process because the media lets him get away with it."

"This is Jimmy Carter on steroids!" Colonel Oliver North talked to Michael and Brian about the potential consequences that would occur if the $500 billion deal were to go through.  "America's withdrawal from the world is going to adversely affect generations to come," said North.  The trio also talked about his new book coming out, Heroes Proved and his upcoming book tour.


"Barack Obama has got his hands full, doesn't he?!" Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) talked to Brian about President Obama's way of handling the fiscal cliff negotiations.  Graham said that from what he has seen, the President has not done anything in terms of making an offer to the Republicans.  "...If you'll raise revenue, I will work with you to prevent the country from becoming Greece, losing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to bankruptcy," Graham said.

Watch the interview with Senator Lindsey Graham here

FOX's Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry talked to Brian about the President and Speaker Boehner meeting in person.  Henry explained that at a news conference on Friday morning, Boehner dodged a question from a reporter about whether or not there will be a compromise on rates going up.  During the follow-up, Boehner suggested that he has flexibility on his rates.  The White House picked up on his signal and reached out to Boehner after the conference.


Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Porter Goss weighed in on the CIA today, and whether or not it is becoming too much of a paramilitary organization and not enough of a spy organization.  Goss said, "Gathering information has always been the primary job. That's the main mission... But every so often we get actionable intelligence, and the problem now is we are in areas of unconventional warfare.  Some of the activities that are called for as a result of the good intelligence we have involve really taking some sort of special activity that doesn't require conventional forces."

Listen to the interview with Porter Goss here

Wendy Diamond, pet lifestyle expert and Editorial Director of, talked to Brian about what to get your pet for the holidays.  For all you cat owners, Diamond said your cat will love the Cat Scratch DJ Deck.  For dog owners, she suggested the dog treat maker.  Diamond said with the amount of dog bone recalls there have been in the past year, it is a great gift to ensure the health of your dog.