@GrahamBlog responds to @RepMarciaFudge ‘s racism and sexism charges!

Audio clip:

This morning on Brian Kilmeade's radio show, Kilmeade and Friends, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) reacted to being called a racist and a sexist by Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH).  Graham reminded her that he called for the resignation of James Clapper last March because he didn't trust Clapper's handling of our national security.  Additionally, Graham also called for the resignation of John Brennan when he said that a 20% recidivism rate coming out of Gitmo was acceptable.

Graham went on to say that it is a good thing for women and people of color to be appointed to the highest level of our government because in the past they couldn't be and that it would be a terrible thing if you couldn't challenge what officials did in their jobs.  Graham said that Amb. Rice told a story about a mob, based on a video, that led to the death of Americans, and that story was not based on any intelligence that we poses.  Somebody made this story up, and if Rice had access to the true intelligence and didn't check it, then that is incompetence on her part.