Brian cannot stand the thought that President Obama might have received votes for the way he handled Hurricane Sandy! PLUS: Brian wants answers! Why have there been no reports about the attack on the U.S. drone that occurred on November 1st that was a mere 16 nautical miles off the cost of Iran? Brian investigates.


Political commentator Jehmu Greene weighed in on where she thought the Romney campaign went wrong.  Greene said that many Republicans were not necessarily voting for Romney, they were just voting against Obama.  She went onto say that there was a lot of racial coding throughout the Romney campaign, which inspired enthusiasm amongst democrats to vote against Romney.

 Watch the interview with Jehmu Greene here

Chairman and CEO of the Fisher House Foundation Ken Fisher talked about his company and how it is helping individuals that are coming back from war.  Fisher said that his foundation is not just about housing veterans, it is about having a support system around you.  He also talked about how the issue of sequestration will create a huge burden.


Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who also happens to be Brian's Congressman, called into Kilmeade and Friends and expressed his frustrations on the cleanup of Hurricane Sandy.  King declared, "This is a classic screw up!  The signals are changing by the hour."  King went on to say that when he does actually get answers they then get corrected two hours later.

Listen to the interview with Rep. King here

Award-winning journalist and Mid-East expert Lisa Daftari talked about the attack on a U.S. drone 16 nautical miles off the coast of Iran. Daftari said that there are reports that Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett is spearheading secret talks between the U.S. and Iran, however, both sides have denied these talks

FOX News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt gave Brian his opinion on how President Obama won the election.  Stirewalt said that the Obama campaign did not want the politically moderate and independent individuals flooding the electorate because they were leaning towards Romney. As a result, he created a toxic political atmosphere that caused unaffiliated individuals to not vote, which created a base vs. base election.


FOX and Friends weekend host Alisyn Camerota weighed in on whether or not the Romney campaign should have been stunned at the loss of the election. Camerota also suggested that in the future, no candidate should be allowed to campaign for two years, and that campaigning should be limited to a very controlled time frame.

Author of "Me & Lee: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald" Judith Vary Baker talked to Brian and Alisyn about her relationship with Oswald and how he was never the monster that he had been portrayed as.  Baker claims that Oswald did not kill Kennedy, talks about the man who killed Oswald, Jack Ruby, and more.

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