Brian is stunned with President Obama's acceptance speech, and how similar it sounded with his speech in 2008.  Plus: Is Obama really going to sit down with Romney and "work together" with him like he promised McCain in 2008?  Brian weighs in.


Republican political strategist and co-founder of No Labels Mark McKinnon talked to Brian about where the Republican Party goes from here.  He said that one big difference between this year's election and the 2000 and 2004 elections is that the Republican Party lost sight of the importance of demographics groups like Hispanics.  McKinnon went onto say that the problem is not the changing demographics; the problem is not recognizing the demographics and adapting.

Listen to the interview with Mark McKinnon here

Co-host of FOX & Friends Steve Doocy (aka "Honey," as Brian calls him) talked about whether or not the lack of coverage in media outlets of the Benghazi attacks helped President Obama win the election.  Doocy and Brian also talked about the need to address some of the concerns of the Hispanic community.


THE FATAL MOMENTS IN THE ROMNEY CAMPAIGN. Anchor of FOX News Sunday Chris Wallace discussed the moments in the Romney campaign that cost him the election.  Wallace and Brian talked about Romney's long, tough primary battle that gave him the reputation of a "flip-flopper," as well as the amount of money Romney spent on the primaries, which allowed the democrats to hammer him an untouchable rich man.


Brian talked to Rep. Allen West (R-FL) about the motion he filed for injunctive relief to 'count paper ballots and to impound voting machines' in order to make sure every vote in his district gets counted.  Rep. West went on to say that after fighting in combat, this is not that stressful of a situation and plans on going to watch his exchange student's basketball game tonight!

Listen to the interview with West here

Brian rounded out the hour by talking to Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who experienced a coma due to severe meningitis.  During his coma, he went to another realm and had a surreal experience that led him to writing a number one bestselling autobiographical book.