After seventeen months and two billion dollars, Brian is to see Mitt Romney win!  Brian predicts that there will either be a blowout in Mitt Romney's favor or a tight win for President Obama.


Co-host of FOX & Friends Gretchen Carlson and Congressman Peter King joined Brian today in discussing how President Obama has handled Hurricane Sandy, and how Long Island is doing nearly one week after the hurricane hit.  King said that Long Island's current state is unacceptable, and that there are nearly 200,000 people still without power.

Watch the interview with Rep. Peter King and Gretchen Carlson here

Political analyst and author Michael Barone and Republican Political Strategist Ed Gillespie gave Brian insight into how they think the election will turn out.  Barone raised eyebrows and predicted that Romney will win 315 to 223.  Gillespie told Brian that the momentum is with Romney today, and that the Romney campaign is over-performing compared to where the votes were in 2008.

Watch the interview with Michael Barone and Ed Gillespie here


FOX News Correspondent Jennifer Griffin and Bret Baier weighed in on whether or not they think foreign policy will play a role in the election.  Griffin said that although the economy will be front and center, it is impossible to ignore foreign policy, and it will inevitably have an effect on the election.

Watch the interview with Bret Baier and Jennifer Griffin here

"I DON'T THINK WE ARE GOING TO SEE A VICTORY FOR OBAMA, NEITHER LARGE NOR SMALL TONIGHT," Liz Cheney told Brian.  Cheney gave her analysis on why President Obama is not going to win tonight, and also told Brian that we are going to see Virginia and Ohio go to Mitt Romney.


Political Commentator Brit Hume told Brian that this election is the closest he has ever seen.  Hume also talked to Brian about tax rates, and what each candidate would do in office to help the economy and taxes.

Political commentator Pat Buchanan talked to Brian today and put the past 17 months into perspective.  Buchanan said that this presidential race has been exaggerated in a historical sense, and also told Brian that he is unsure of who is going to win the race.

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson told Brian today that he thinks President Obama is going to win and receive 290 electoral votes.  Richardson told Brian that the Latino/Hispanic vote will be a huge deciding factor for President Obama, and also said that if Obama wins Virginia, it is all over.