Brian's Opening Thoughts

Brian is eager to know how the critical battleground states are going to play out.  National newspapers and polls have many states in a dead heat, but how will they turn out?  Brian also looks into Michigan and Minnesota, and whether or not they are really in play.

Hour One

"I THINK THE OBAMA MODEL IS RIGHT." FOX News Political Analyst and Democratic Strategist Joe Trippi came out and said that unlike what many experts are saying, the election is not too close to call, and that Obama will win.  Trippi also told Brian that he thinks one candidate will win all the states that are up in the air, and that whoever wins the election will have over 300 electoral votes.

NY Post Columnist Michael Goodwin joined Brian and Trippi in analyzing the upcoming election.  The trio talked about how critical states such as Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio could possibly play out, and whether or not Minnesota and Michigan are within striking distance for Romney.  Brian and Goodwin also spoke about the praise Chris Christie gave Obama in handling Hurricane Sandy, and whether or not he went overboard.

Watch the Interview with Trippi and Goodwin Here

Hour Two

"We feel that we are in a very strong position to win," said Deputy Press Secretary for the Romney campaign Ryan Williams to Brian.  Williams told Brian that the Romney campaign feels good about the battle ground states, and that although the race is close, Romney has an edge. Williams also weighed in on the praise Chris Christie gave President Obama, and what to make of the governor's comments.

Listen to the Interview with Ryan Williams Here

Hour Three

FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace was in studio today and weighed in on why it is weird that Brian doesn't have a pet name for his wife, and also the upcoming election.  Wallace asserted that neither side is confident in the outcome of the election.  Plus, Wallace talked about the new sound bite that CBS released of Obama speaking on September 12th about the Benghazi attacks, which was dramatically different from what Ambassador Rice came out and said.

Watch the interview with Chris Wallace Here

FOX News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry called in and told Brian about the President's last hours on the campaign trail.  Henry told Brian that President Obama brought Bruce Springsteen along with him, and also weighs in on the President's possible "storm bump."