Brian Kilmeade and Alisyn Camerota interviewed Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) today on Kilmeade and Friends.

Here are some of the highlights: •Senator Graham said it is one thing to be overwhelmed by unpredictable events, but this administration is overwhelmed by predictable events and it was very predictable that a lead from behind would lead to the situation in Libya. •Senator Graham believes killing bin Laden did nothing to change the strategic dynamic in the Middle East. •Sen. Graham said he will go nuts if the FBI goes over to Libya and views these guys as common criminals and reads them their Miranda Rights. •Senator Graham believes that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may be the most frustrated woman in Washington because she probably gets it better than President Obama and Vice President Biden. •Sen. Graham discusses the passage in Bob Woodward's book where he had hoped to be able to work with President Obama. Graham says they weren't able to work together because the president can't pull the trigger on big deals, isn't a very decisive person and thinks he can charm everybody in the world. President Obama doesn't have a vision of an exceptional America at a time when the world needs an exceptional America. It is a lack of leadership. Obama grew up in an environment where the Palestinians were victims and America was a bully and it is beginning to show.