President Obama has never sold a hot dog on a summer day, let alone run a business.

That’s the truth.

He was a part time State Senator. Then a part time US Senator. Wrote a few books. Made himself a millionaire.

But he’s never met a payroll. He’s never run a business.

And that’s fine, not everyone does.

But then he shouldn’t be lecturing business people on how they got where they are. Especially in the disparaging, nose to the air way in which he did last Friday in Virginia.

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that,” he said.

Can you believe this??

WHO DID?? The guy sitting at home watching TV?? The homeless man wandering the streets? The lazy oaf playing games instead of working?

This is just the most recent example of Obama’s class warfare combined with his insistent drum beat that Americans cannot survive, let alone succeed, without government intrusion.

He has made this message and philosophy completely clear over almost 4 years in office.

He has made the American more dependent on Government than ever before. Record numbers of people have swallowed and digested his belief that we are nothing without government aid and dependency.

And it appears to be working. Even if the economy ISN’T.

What was so maddening about Obama’s speech Friday is that he attacked the very people who FUND all those wonderful government programs he touts as so vital to the success of business.

Who does he think PAYS for most of the government’s programs?? Oh yes. That’s right. Those evil business owners and people making more than $250K a year.

Hate to break it to you, but it’s not the guy making 20K a year who makes the world go round, employs and provides benefits, generously donates to charities, funds scholarships, and pays for the myriad of government programs that a growing number of people feast on.

But it was his comment that “We’ve made a lot of millionaires” that really set me off.

REALLY?? WE’VE made a lot of millionaires?? Who exactly is “we” Mr. President??

If the government had even a shred of potential to make people millionaires, why are there so few millionaires? Why did the government STOP in its creative process?

If the government can create millionaires NOW, what happened over the last FIFTY YEARS since LBJ thought it was wise to spend TRILLIONS on the Great Society??

If the government knows how to create successful businesses, why is America practically belly up? Why is the poverty rate–even after COUNTLESS TRILLIONS–pretty much stuck where it was in the 1960s??

The Federal Government, it was recently reported, overpaid unemployment by $15 BILLION. It has a Leviathan of bureaucracy and employees making FAR MORE than their comparably skilled and trained private sector counterparts. It has pensions that are ruining American cities and states.

And now they want to tell business owners that what they have achieved is because of SOMEBODY ELSE?? Because of GOVERNMENT??

Is it November YET?!?!