I just read The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard, one of the shortest yet most powerful books you are likely to read.

This book has inspired some of my biggest mentors, including Dr. Wayne Dyer.

It talks about one of my favorite subjects and philosophies and that is our THOUGHTS creating the very world around us.

Thoughts are THINGS…and thoughts BECOME things…and thoughts create our WORLD.

Powerful stuff.

This explains why one person can look at a rain filled sky and say “Oh NO!! What a YUCKY day!!” and another can say “I LOVE the rain. Isn’t it beautiful?? It makes the world BLOOM!!”

Attitude really is everything. And our thoughts are shaped by our attitudes.

I love this passage: “Because creation is finished, what you desire already exists. It is excluded from view because you can see only the contents of your own consciousness…It is not the world but your assumptions that change…Be still and know that you are what you desire to be.”

WOW!! That is AWESOME and POWERFUL stuff!

Our consciousness determines what we experience moment to moment.

We must act and feel and live as if what we want or want to become is already manifested.

This is why a fat person will never lose weight if they constantly reference themselves as fat. Or a sick person will never become healthy dwelling only on how sick they are and feel.

Whether you are a new student or a veteran to the idea of thoughts becoming things and molding our very LIFE, I highly recommend Neville Goddard’s THE POWER OF AWARENESS. It’s cheaper than a movie ticket and will change the way you look at EVERYTHING.

Happy reading and happy thoughts to you!