No, I have not become a self help coach yet.

Hoping you don’t mind that my latest blogs tend to revolve around mind-body stories and studies in the news.

I’ve always liked Dr. Wayne Dyer’s view of stress. He says that there is really no such thing as stress in the outer world. It doesn’t exist the way a banana or a coffee mug does.

You can’t point to even a snake pit and call it stress. Some people LOVE snakes, after all.

But a new study shows once again the EFFECTS of someone stressing out long term can have disastrous health effects. New research believes there is a connection between a stressful lifestyle and the onset of dementia.

In fact, the researchers believe that a stressful lifestyle, including the trauma of bereavement or moving back home, could be the key trigger to Alzheimer’s disease.

The long term effects of stress could most likely be the CENTRAL reason get dementia, according to these researchers from Finland.

They found that subjects with high blood pressure and high levels of cortisol developed Alzheimer’s at a rate three times greater than those without these symptoms.

The scary part is that researchers theorize that cortisol destroys our brain cells once it enters the brain.

Much more research needs to be done and I am not writing this to alarm anyone.

But it is just more reinforcement that we need to do all we can to minimize stressful reactions in our lives.

We are more in control than we think! That’s the beauty of it all!

Become more conscious of how you react to daily events and circumstances that unfold for you.

There is always a wide range of reactions you could employ for each of them.

Always choose the healthiest, sanest, calmest one you can.

Try to take a few deep breaths today and remember to keep everything in perspective.

Your health and well being, mental and physical and spiritual, depend on it!