I must be in better health than I thought to be able to sustain all the moronic and maddening stories I come across during my hours of radio show prep everyday.

Someone in lesser health probably would have had a stroke by now. Honestly. Some days I wonder how I do it.

The only aggravating part of my job is being so hyper-aware of all the stupidity plaguing our nation and world. There’s more out there than an average “digester” of the news can imagine.

We recently talked about and debated the whole Food Fascism coming out of the Nanny Bloomberg Administration in New York City.

He recently proposed a BAN on sodas larger than 16 ounces in most establishments, including restaurants, fast food, sporting arenas, and movie theaters.

I predicted on the air and in my blog that they would not stop there. Food Fascism knows no end.

And I was unfortunately right.

Am I psychic? I think we all are to an extent.

But no. That’s not how I saw this next move coming. It’s just because I am a student of history and I know how out of control governments develop, grow, and ultimately take over a people. History has given us, sadly, many examples to learn from.

Now Nanny Bloomberg’s Food Fascist Panel as I have dubbed them are looking beyond the size of your soft drink.

They think it might be a good idea to also limit the size of the popcorn you enjoy at the MOVIES!!


People laughed at me when I said movie popcorn would be next.

I laughed at them right back because of their naivety of what government power grabs look like.

So now, in the nation formerly known as The Land of the Free, free citizens will be told how big their soda can be. How much movie popcorn they can and cannot have.

All in the name of a FUTILE FIGHT against obesity.

I am the only one I know of who has coined it like this: More SELF CONTROL, not GOVERNMENT CONTROL. More WILL POWER, not GOVERNMENT POWER.

It’s true.

Why hasn’t government, after spending TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the span of generations, STILL not solved the poverty problem? Why after trillions of dollars dumped are we MORE dependent on government than EVER??

Because poverty is a malady of the mind. Certainly in nations like ours where warlords don’t starve the people by destroying their crops or confiscating their property.

Other people in other lands may have an excuse to be “poor” but we don’t.

A person with ten cents in their pocket with enough determination can become a multi-millionaire. Not true in most nations on earth.

Obesity is another problem, like poverty, that the government will NEVER, EVER be able to solve.


Because it’s a personal choice for 95% of people.



Yep. I said it. It’s a CHOICE just as much as being ripped and in amazing shape is a CHOICE.

It’s a BAD choice, but a choice nonetheless.

People don’t HAVE to eat thousands of calories more than they should. But they do.

People don’t HAVE to keep buying bigger clothes sizes. But they do.

I challenge people to tell me how it ISN’T a choice! You choose it a hundred times a day by the foods you eat or don’t eat, by the stairs you climb or don’t climb, by parking your car in front of the store or a block away, by making the gym a priority or not, but walking around your neighborhood or sitting home and watching TV instead.

The THOUSANDS of choices we make every week determine how smart or dumb we are. How successful we are or not. How abundant or lacking we are. And yes, how fat or fit we are.

This is why government will NEVER solve the obesity problem.

It is a problem that stems from the INDIVIDUAL and the choices they make.

And until that individual decides to change their lives for themselves, no amount of government involvement, small or fascist, will help them lose an ounce.

I think the government knows full well it can’t solve poverty or obesity or heck, most of the problems it tries to tackle.

It knows it can’t. It knows it’s track record is riddled with failure.

But it will stop at NOTHING to control each and every aspect of our lives.

Remember. It only can because we allow it.