Although the results of the study I am about to discuss are not shocking to me, they are worth sharing because many people still seem to be in denial of the benefits of a positive attitude.

Attitude is everything. Well, almost everything.

Attitude is SO important because it’s one of the few things we consistently have control over.

We can’t decide whether it rains today or not. Or whether traffic will be smooth or treacherous.

But we can choose whether we sing or moan about it, either way.

As a proponent and student of the Law of Attraction, I have come to understand just how important our attitude really is.

It’s not just bumper sticker mumbo jumbo.

Thoughts become things.

Our life today is the sum total of every thought (and actions that have come about DUE to those thoughts) we have ever conjured in our minds.

Think about that!!

That means virtually everything that is your reality today was created and shaped BY YOU over the course of months, years, and decades!

A new study is finding that centenarians’ positive attitudes about life actually have resulted in their having longer, happier lives and HEALTHIER lives!

Those with optimistic, joyful, extroverted, laugh filled attitudes live longer and healthier lives on average.

This isn’t a “secret” or a mystery of any kind.

Living happily leads to fewer stresses on both the mind AND the body.

We know that stress can kill us. We know that stress raises acidity in the body. We know that stress can lead to all sorts of bad things for our bodies, from weight gain to heart attacks and worse.

So why wouldn’t the OPPOSITE be also true?

Well, it looks like it is!

It’s not a coincidence that the relative or friend who always talks of germs and disease is usually always sick and unhealthy.

It’s not a coincidence that the relative or friend who always talks of happiness and abundance is usually always in good spirits and healthy.

So be happy about this study and be grateful that you have the innate human ability to choose your thoughts (and thus your feelings) every single day you are here on this earth.

We are the only creatures on this earth whose thoughts are based on CHOICE and not INSTINCT!

Think about how miraculous that is!

As motivational coach Jim Rohn always said, geese can’t choose to not fly south for the winter. They just get up and go. No CONSCIOUS THOUGHT behind it. Pure instinct.

But we can CHOOSE which direction we fly and venture and explore!

Make it a habit to be HAPPY, GRATEFUL, and OPEN TO GREAT THINGS!

Be what W. Clement Stone called an “inverse paranoid”! That is someone who feels others are conspiring to do them GOOD instead of HARM!

It’s not just a matter of opinion or new age sounding pap.

Some thoughts and attitudes lead to shorter, unhealthier lives.

And some lead to longer, happier lives.

Why on earth should this be a difficult choice?

Now smile and set out to find extraordinary adventures wherever you go today!