My late mentor Jim Rohn spoke so eloquently of the day that turns your life around.

It’s a day you never forget. A day that changes EVERYTHING.

It’s a day when you finally stop in your tracks and declare “I’VE HAD IT!! I’VE HAD IT!!”

You decide then and there that life cannot go on as it has been. When habits need to be broken. When weight needs to be lost. When fences need to be mended.

I’ve had it LONG ago with the politicians and the civilians I call the FOOD FASCISTS.

These are the people who, with a straight face, ban certain types of fats. They want to FORBID restaurants from using salt. They want 20% taxes on soda. They want meatless Mondays (and eventually every other day, too). They want to tell us everyday what we can eat and what we can’t because it makes THEM feel better.

Now Mayor Bloomberg and the other Food Fascists in New York City want to ban sodas over 16 ounces.

I am NOT kidding you.

You see, the reason why Americans are so damned fat and unhealthy is because of those really big sodas.

So Bloomberg wants to come to the rescue of New Yorkers by making 16 ounces the largest size soda you’d be able to buy at a deli, fast food eatery, sports arena, movie theater, etc.

I thought liberals like him (yes, I said it…LIBERAL…he was a democrat his whole life until becoming a republican helped him win elections) were all about being PRO-CHOICE??

I’ve always challenged my liberal friends and family and colleagues and asked them what exactly liberals are pro-choice about, other than abortion of course.

Not very much, it seems.

Certainly not when it comes to our EATING choices.

Then liberals become OBSESSED with telling us what we can and cannot eat. Look at Michelle Obama. Telling us to eat healthy when she admits to the world in an interview her favorite food is…drum roll…FRENCH FRIES.

She does countless photo ops and she always seems to have a greasy dish going up to her mouth. I never see her eating a bag of carrots, do you?

Do as I say. Not as I do.

Four legs good. Two legs bad. Read your Animal Farm.

What right does Big Nanny Government think it has to DICTATE to me and millions of others what SIZE SODA I can drink?? What NERVE!! What EGO!! What OUT OF CONTROL POWER!!

So will they have a government agent follow people around who buy multiple sodas or six packs to make sure they SHARE them with others and don’t indulge in drinking them all themselves??

Will it soon be a crime to buy a two liter of soda and drink it all myself? Do I have to carry cups and share the sugar and calories evenly?

It’s sort of the illogic of this big craze to have 100 calorie size snacks. People eat through 4 bags and they are right back where they started.

People will just buy TWO 16 ounce sodas at the deli if they really want that much soda.

Oh by the way, this will also apply to bottled iced teas, too. No more sizes larger than 16 ounces.

So now, AGAIN, Big Nanny Government will be telling not only deli and fast food eateries and sports complexes what size cups they can sell and can’t, they will also be telling BOTTLERS in what USED to be a free country how large their bottles can now be.

Sweeping, isn’t it?

This USED to be called dictatorship when Americans still had a spine and could see tyranny for what it was.

In California, they are going to start telling me the maximum size television I can own. Nice, huh? Oh yeah, THAT edict from good PRO-CHOICE liberals, too. That coming from the ENVIRONMENTAL FASCISTS as opposed to the FOOD FASCISTS.

They are all pro-choice so long as it’s the choice THEY WANT YOU TO MAKE.

I’ve learned in my years that most self proclaimed tolerant and “live and let live” liberals are some of the biggest MICRO-MANAGERS OF OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES you will ever encounter.

Sorry if that offends you but it’s TRUE.

And if this INSANITY passes, what is next? The government that can tell you what size soda you can have at a sporting event or movie can now tell you what length of HOT DOG you are safely allowed to consume. Or maybe they can BAN BUTTER from your popcorn! THAT will come soon enough, mark my words.

Or how long will it take for Big Nanny Government to ban REFILLS at restaurants? Maybe they could pass a law that forced restaurants to charge $18 for a refill of soda. And if that doesn’t work, they can enforce their outright ban and nail any restaurant with hefty fines if they don’t comply.

This is what our future looks like base on the path we are on.

But only if we let the fascists march on uncontested.

We HAVE to reach that Jim Rohn moment of “I’VE HAD IT!! I’VE HAD IT!!”

Apparently, not enough Americans have had that epiphany yet.


Stop and realize for a moment that most of the government intrusions into our lives are the result of US not exercising either of the above.


We CAN take care of ourselves. But for whatever reason (laziness, perceived difficulty, the need to be coddled and taken are of, etc.)we DON’T.

We CAN. We just DON’T.

And the government is NEVER unwilling or unable to step in and do it for us.

Think long and hard on that. Maybe even 44 ounces worth.