It’s such wasted energy to go through the day being envious or suspicious of those around us who seemingly have the things we want, are doing the things we want to do, and are being the people we want to be.

Instead of being envious, we should be content with the understanding that all of these things are available to US as well!

The person in top health on the treadmill at the gym could be…YOU!

The person driving the nice car on the highway could be…YOU!

The person holding hands with a loved one and smiling away waiting for the light to change could be…YOU!

The person making the huge deposit or withdrawal at the bank could be…yes…YOU!

Why would you want to go through life thinking even for a moment that these things could be available to everyone BUT you?

Does that even make SENSE?

Of course not.

But sometimes bellyaching about the things we don’t have is easier than working at ATTRACTING these things into our lives!

The biggest obstacle, really, is our own thinking.

We oftentimes, without even realizing it, REPEL the very things that might otherwise be on their way to us!

Remember the things you want probably want YOU just as much!!

Stop pushing them away!!

Imagine this…you are standing in front of a door to a room. Little do you know that this room holds all the things and people and circumstance and wealth and abundance you’ve been wanting your whole life!

But you are pushing the door and keeping it shut instead of letting it fly open for you.

Know what you want. This is vital because you wouldn’t expect a ship to leave a port without a destination or course and expect to get anywhere but marooned.

Plot your course with your destination in mind (health, wealth, happiness, friends, love, etc.) and then FACE in the direction of what you want.

And then start MOVING!!

All the good, happy thoughts in the world will be useless if you don’t take ACTION as well.

Take a step. And then another. Always in the direction of what you want.

Eventually you will get there. But just like a drive from San Francisco to Manhattan, the duration of the trip depends on how many miles you choose to travel in a given day.

If you drive 10 miles a day it will take a very long time, right? If you drive hundreds of miles in a day, it will be a much quicker trip.

And always enjoy the process, the travels, the adventure.

You CAN have the good life.

Believe it because it’s TRUE!

You aren’t living this life to suffer and to struggle and to pray for the end of each day.

Life is SUPPOSED to be a daily miracle.

I believe we are all Divine. We are all made from God Source, the Universe, Source Energy, or whatever you choose to call it based on your personal belief system.

But whatever you believe, you should believe you are wonderful. And that all things are truly possible.

As my mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer says referencing the Bible, we weren’t told SOME things are possible. Or MOST things are possible. We were taught that ALL things are possible for those who believe.

That doesn’t leave ANYTHING out, now does it? Not a single thing. There is no fine print outlining restrictions or exceptions.

Have a beautiful day and an extraordinary week!