Ok. I finally cracked.

I wasn’t going to even open my mouth about this “pink slime” scare, but enough is enough.

Pink Slime as it is called is filler meat that has been treated with ammonium hydroxide. Many of us have grown up eating this stuff.

It’s in many meat products, including hamburger meat bought at the local markets.

It keeps a cheeseburger from costing $20 and allows them to be LEANER in the process.

But it has a scary name. Then you throw in “pink slime” and millions of people follow the line like sheep.

But ammonia and ammonium hydroxide are common in nature.

They are in the air, the water, and the soil.

They are in every living creature, including humans.

Our own BODIES produce ammonia, which is essential for protein synthesis.

Did you know that??

Probably not. But five minutes of research will explain it to you.

Did you know that ammonium hydroxide has been deemed “generally regarded as safe” since the 1970s? It went through EXTENSIVE TESTING and there is nothing dangerous about it in the quantities we consume.

Did you know that most every country deems it safe, too? Or that the United Nations and the World Health Organization recognize it as safe, as well?

The amount used is TRACE, if that.

Hell, WATER can harm and even kill you in large enough quantities. A woman in my area died after a radio stunt in which she drank tons of water to win a video game system.

But surely no one is calling to ban WATER, right?

Do we scare kids at lunch time about water consumption?

The sun is essential. But too much of it will kill a houseplant and give a human cancer.

And yet most of us expose ourselves to the sun every day of our existence.

See where I am going with this?

The TRUTH is that MANY foods are treated with ammonium hydroxide. It kills bacteria. It makes foods SAFER, not more dangerous.

Would you prefer to eat contaminated foods? Isn’t that far riskier a prospect?

Yes, like anything else just about, ammonia can be lethal in LARGE ENOUGH QUANTITIES.

But ammonia has a very strong taste and smell and it would be obvious the second you consumed it.

NO ONE is eating burgers and complaining that their meat tastes like disinfectant. NO ONE.

No one is even getting SICK from this.

So why the “pink slime” scare?

Frankly, I think it’s because we love to scare ourselves.

We aren’t happy unless we are frantic about something or other.

Anyone talking about SWINE FLU lately??

Remember how the government made it out as if it would wipe out mankind?

I warned you about THAT scare, too, didn’t I. I TOLD you and EDUCATED you about the FACT that the regular, run of the mill flu has killed COUNTLESS MORE PEOPLE.

All without a PEEP let alone hysteria from the media, the schools, the government, etc.

Several of our children came down with the swine flu. They were sick for several days, but no worse than with any other illness they’ve ever had.

But these scares are what lead to idiotic bans such as the ban on DDT. The environmental fascists, with no evidence really to speak of, had that pesticide banned.

As a result, countless people in the Third World who WOULD be alive right now are NOT. Research that as well. It’s all provable FACT.

And now the scare of the month is “pink slime”.

It has a scary name, too. Just like Swine Flu.

Already schools and stores are pulling it and pledging not to use products with pink slime.

All without A SHRED OF EVIDENCE that there is anything remotely wrong or dangerous with the stuff.

Please end your ignorance now!!


You can educate yourself more than 90% of Americans by reading links such as the following: