I detest the Entitlement Mentality.

It is everywhere. Demonstrated by people of all ages.

And it is destroying the fabric of our Nation.

Everyone feels ENTITLED to something.

Jobs. Housing. Health care. Transportation. Subsidies. Bailouts.

GIMME, GIMME, GIMME isn’t just an ABBA song anymore.

It’s a way of life for millions.

Now a disgruntled moviegoer in Michigan is SUING over the high cost of–hold on to your Whoppers–MOVIE SNACKS.

That’s right, a class action LAWSUIT has been filed against a major movie chain for “gouging” movie lovers at the concession stands.

Ummmm. It’s called FREE ENTERPRISE. It’s called CAPITALISM. It’s called SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

Ever heard of these things? They make the world go around.

Most people don’t understand that theaters make their bread and–no pun intended–butter on concession stand sales. Most of the price of a movie ticket never ends up in the theater’s pockets. It goes mainly to Hollywood and the studios.

Theaters are in the business of MAKING money.

Economics 101: You don’t charge 5 cents for 5 cents worth of soda. You charge AS MUCH as the market will bear. Period.

If you can sell a stick of gum for 50 cents you will do it if you want to stay in business, because if you don’t, your competitor will.

It’s called PROFIT MAKING and it’s what keeps you in business instead of the Poor House.

First of all, movie going and movie snacking are somewhat of a treat.

The same way most people don’t dine on $50 steaks every day of the week, most people don’t go to the movies on a daily basis.

Of course that popcorn is more expensive than if you popped it at home. But most people would rather see the latest blockbuster on a huge movie screen in the latest digital mind bending sound, not at home from the couch.

If the experience was identical to popping a bag in the microwave and cranking the volume to 50 on your TV, no one would be lined up at the movie box office.

And is anyone holding a gun to your head to BUY the snacks at these huge marked up prices?


You could just as easily snack before or after the 90 minute or so flick.

So stop bellyaching.

There are many things I can’t afford, either. But you don’t see me huffing and puffing and threatening private companies with LAWSUITS because their prices are beyond my reach.

The answer is make more money so that the $7 popcorn doesn’t seem so expensive anymore, realize you don’t do it everyday and it’s a treat, or just stay home and find something else to complain about.

Now sit down and be quiet.

The movie is about to start and I’m going to enjoy my snacks with no regrets or anger.