As someone who struggled and persevered to lose 40 pound by my 40th Birthday, I know how hard it can be to lose that first ten pounds, let alone the last ten pounds.

But I’ve ALWAYS believed that weight loss, like so many other efforts in life, is simply mind over matter. The ultimate example of will power.

You CAN lose weight. Of course you can!! But…WILL you is the real question! WILL YOU lose weight?

Here’s a story for all of you who have made excuses that it can’t be done. That it’s too hard. That it takes too much time and effort. That others can lose weight, but you can’t.

Two years ago, Massachusetts resident Brian Meifert was just shy of 500 pounds.

At 490 pounds, he couldn’t keep up with his own kids.

That was the moment that the late, great Jim Rohn called “The day that turns your life around”.

It’s the AHA! moment that most of us have at various times of our lives. It’s the moment you say “I’ve HAD IT!” and decide that you can’t live that way any longer.

Brian decided he wanted to be around for his kids. That they deserved a father who could run around and play with them.

He made the decision to lose weight which is the first step, of course.

But then he took a course of action.

He started using the fitness center at work. He walked around the neighborhood every morning. He stopped snacking between meals. He chose veggies over junk and empty calories.

He eventually MADE the time to work out every morning. Two and a half hours in the gym. He cut his caloric intake IN HALF.

What a wonderful story!!

Brian lost TWO HUNDRED POUNDS in two years!!

There is another saying that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

So true.

A behavior or action HAS to change in order for an OUTCOME to change.

It reminds me of the old joke where the patient tells the doctor “My arm hurts every time I do this!!” The doctor then simply says, “Well, stop DOING THAT then!!”

Brian Meifert has lost a total of 240 pounds. He now runs 5k races. He’s gone from a 62 inch waist to a 32 inch waist!!


Good for you, Brian.

And thanks for inspiring all of us as you’ve met and SURPASSED your goals.

Now THAT’S one heck of a Motivational Monday for us all.