Before you criticize me for being heartless to little furry critters, I am an ANIMAL LOVER.

Aside from loving some animals medium well to well done, I have been a pet owner all my life.

Currently, we have thee dogs, a cat, a canary, and a rat.

Yep. A whole food chain under our roof.

And yes, I said rat.

We had two but we lost Gus Gus last year.

Rats actually make AWESOME pets. They are clean, smart, and easily trained. They are like little miniature dogs in a lot of ways.

But as much as I am a fan of domesticated, pet rats, I absolutely LOATH with a passion WILD RATS.

Those we call VERMIN.


They are dirty pests and potentially deadly when they carry diseases.

So as a pet rat lover I am completely shocked by a new D.C. law that forbids pest control people from actually KILLING RATS and other rodents and critters who can be carriers of rabies and other diseases.

The rice rat and deer mouse are not exempt from this law.

The INSANE law would require that the creatures be RELOCATED!! And relocated in FAMILIES.

What the FRIG?!?!


What is this, a policy about VERMIN or new immigration policy?!?!

These are the kinds of laws that are choking this country and the common sense it used to produce and demonstrate.

The bright side of this moronic piece of legislation?

The law doesn’t apply to HOMEOWNERS, just pest control people.

So worry not. All is not lost.

You can still lower the boom on any nasty critters that get too close to your home.

Wonder how long we will enjoy THAT freedom though.