As if the Air Force didn't have enough on its hands with the recent revelation that partial cremated remains of hundreds of Veterans were dumped in a landfill like yesterday's trash, now a controversy involving a tasteless photo.

The photo being probed shows a group of airmen posing around an airmen in a casket, pretending to be dead with a noose around his neck.

What the frig?

The airmen are reportedly from Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. According to the Associated Press, they were in Virginia for training.

Who thinks this is a good idea? To lay in a casket and pretend to be dead? To surround someone goofing off like this and having your PICTURE taken for posterity?

Someone who isn't thinking, obviously.

This photo is tasteless and tacky and it's beyond me why any airmen would have partaken let alone agreed to have photographic evidence of the shot.

Are returning caskets of killed Veterans a source of humor? Were they mocking the enemy? What WERE they doing?

The Air Force is currently investigating to try to get to the bottom of it.

I, for one, do NOT find it humorous or cute in the LEAST.

People need to GROW UP.

And yes, sadly, that applies to even some of the men and women serving in the Armed Forces.