I've written before about the practice of treating someone in the drive-thru line just for the heck of doing something nice for someone.

But I think it's worth exploring again as we get close to Christmas and the New Year.

I know it sounds totally strange and random to many people, but decide today that you are going to treat the person behind you at the drive-thru to an order of coffee or a combo meal.

Sure, it might set you back a few dollars, but if you can swing it, I truly believe that the Universe will reward you with all that you spend and THEN some.

It WILL come back to you. What goes around, comes around.

Maybe you are worried that the person behind you will order $50 worth of food for their family at home. A legitimate concern and possibility.

So you can opt for buying the person behind you a gift card/certificate. Even $5 on a Starbucks or McDonald's card would brighten someone's day.

Why do this in the first place?

Because it's a NICE THING to do for someone. Someone you owe nothing to and who owes you nothing in return.

You aren't trying to win favors. You are doing it because it FEELS GOOD to do it. It's cleansing and pleasing to the soul.

What if everyone reading this blog today, tomorrow, or next week did this? Think of all the people whose day would be brightened. All the smiles that will materialize.

I truly believe that these little, seemingly silly or insignificant acts set the stage for something bigger. Something wonderful.

Everything is a vibration, ourselves included.

And vibrating in a positive fashion affects, and actually CREATES AND CHANGES, the world around us.

It's literally a chain reaction that we create and perpetuate everyday with a smile or a frown.

One smile or kind act can make someone's day just as easily as a scowl or criticism can ruin someone's day.

So next time you are in the drive-thru line, choose to make a tiny effort that will make all the difference in the day of a stranger.